Sneak Peak: Tv Show Preview: Flashforward

The 2009-10 television season is the end of a period for ABC, with Lost coming with regard to an end. The actual time extinguish Lost answers come, ABC will desire to have another Lost in place, with either Flash Forward, V or the 2. Heading into fresh season, Flash Forward and V are two in the most noted new shows of next year, and the fact that Flash Forward and V are new mysterious sci-fi shows on ABC does not coincidence. Flash Forward and V expect to develop new cult sci-fi audiences to fill the Lost gap for ABC in the future, and can any of succeed?

Ron Howard finally got his due with his Best Director and Best Picture triumphs this semester. Once again, Russell Crowe proved that his image as a hot tempered loon overshadows his vast acting talent, and Jennifer Connelly brought a fresh perspective to her long suffering wife part. But Crowe’s confrontation with a producer among the BAFTA awards is largely credited for him missing out on a second straight Oscar. And controversy erupted over how much of the real John Nash’s beliefs, ordeals, and sexual habits were written right out of the film.

Before long, Flash Forward should be established as either famous or a flop. Whether or not it’s a hit, ABC will have at least one sci-fi successor to Lost. Whether it isn’t, then ABC could have another operate a few months later their own backup plan – a remake of V.

The V remake isn’t so much aiming to be the next Lost, since joseph fiennes the actor is looking for a way be a successor towards the original series. V was one belonging to the cult sci-fi miniseries’ among the 80’s, and have a made in audience hoping that the remake doesn’t tarnish crucial to you .. The new V series is built in more hard-core sci-fi territory than both Flash Forward and Lost, considering that it actually puts aliens within mix. The seemingly friendly Visitors are out in order to over humanity from within, with only a few humans discovering their true evil plans.

Tonight’s two-hour premiere will require a box of tissues, do have one very handy. There is a tragic goodbye to some beloved character that is hardly surprising but will be kept nameless just just in example there’s certain person living under a rock encountering this.

The virtual watercooler. If you do enjoy talking and reading about your favorite TV shows online, FlashForward might sector Lost for blog, forum and news space. Scrumptious meals become the new show to dissect online.

Thursdays may be one of the most packed nights of good television this season, but FlashForward may well worth whatever chaos this is likely to make in your night. Be sure to watch FlashForward on Thursday nights at 8pm on ABC beginning September 24th, 2009.