‘American Horror Story’ Cast On Lingerie And More (Video)

People are generally born between May 21 and June 22 are Gemini. Their element is air, high quality is Mutable, their energy is Yang, their ruler is Mercury, their color is yellow, their gem is Agate, their main anatomical parts are the hands, arms, shoulders and lungs, their keywords are mentality, communication and versatility, their Tarot suit is Swords along with their Tarot Major Arcana card is The Lovers.

Sonya Walger plays the character of Olivia Benford – Olivia Benford is the wife of FBI agent, Mark Benford and she’s Trauma Medical specialist. She is successful as well a strong willed woman who is driven. Is actually always challenged by what she does and when she has to be, she’s the anyone that is very challenging to the interns who are under her. She is highly respected by her peers and the ones who use her. She loves her husband, despite their problems, and is resolute to keep her marriage.

Now ABC has debuted the show called “FlashForward” and it not only borrows the idea of a long-running mythology from “Lost” however additionally a few actors from that other series. In fact, it’s so beholden to “Lost” that it even tosses out a few direct acknowledgments to the series in the debut.

Christine Woods – plays the character of Janis Hawk – Janis Hawk is another FBI agent working also in Oregon and is actually very naturally smart. He talents lay in the analytical. Is actually tomboyish furthermore has bright mouth.

Quirky Romance #6: Shakespeare in Love, 1998. Gwyneth Paltrow and joseph fiennes maria star in this romantic comedy about young William Shakespeare and the muse that inspired his greatest work, Romeo and Juliet. Viola, about regarding married to cold-hearted nobleman, adores Shakespeare’s work and also the theater typically but due to social etiquette of the day is prohibited to conduct themselves. She poses being a boy purchase to audition and wins the part, giving her the chance to be up close and personal with the playwright. Their secret romance and the reasons of dual identities provides each bard the muse needed compose the play that will solve his worries. The lengths we can’t go to in order to achieve unobtainable.

Johnny Depp and Disney like playing together, so they may carry out so extra. Robert Downey, Jr. has officially dropped from OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL and Disney is reported to be wooing Depp. The movie is a prequel of sorts towards WIZARD OF OZ. It details the fact that small time magician is swept into Oz and wrestles associated with the Emerald City from two wizards. Borys Kit is reporting Disney wants Depp to participate in the wizard due to his successful stints in ALICE IN WONDERLAND as well as the PIRATES In the CARRIBEAN for that company. Sam Raimi is ready to immediate.

Camelot ~ What might be more romantic than this tale of King Arthur, Guenivere, and Lancelot? Sure sure there’s betrayal and just what rot, look at. it just makes one’s heart all a flutter. Just very well done and very fun. Richard Harris, Vanessa Redgrave, and Franco Nero.

Last season’s clue were only available the way of a speech Sarah Paulson’s character gave, so perhaps Pepper’s speak about the horrible way freaks are treated might be clue. Couple of different methods so many possibilities with story, however the scariest the one comes in your thoughts are those that were present movies like the classic “Freaks,” which was set in a circus. This kind of asylum setting, the circus provides an eerie backdrop on a subject that is supposed to be comforting; one where evil lurks just underneath the surface. As with the Rome possibility, the Circus story would be ambitious, but probably right up Ryan Murphy’s aly.