New Fall 2009 Shows On Abc

The 2009-10 television season is no more an era for ABC, with Lost coming to an end. By the time the final Lost answers come, ABC will dream to have the next Lost in place, with either Flash Forward, V or both. Heading in the new season, Flash Forward and V are two quite talked about new shows of the coming year, and how Flash Forward and V are new mysterious sci-fi shows on ABC isn’t really coincidence. Flash Forward and V anticipate to develop new cult sci-fi audiences to fill the Lost gap for ABC in the future, but will any of them succeed?

The first of these new shows to get a shot is Flash Forward, that kill time for Lost fans until their final season. Flash Forward provides most overt similarities to Lost, with two Lost cast members on the show, a familiar title, and glimpses at upcoming.

Tonight’s two-hour premiere will require a box of tissues, do have one great. There is a sad goodbye along with beloved character that is hardly surprising but end up being kept nameless just in the case there’s particular person living under a rock looking at this.

12:45-1:45 l’ordre de.m., Room 6BCF– Spartacus: Blood and Sand- Globe joseph fiennes pictures of gladiators comes to life as the Roman Republic’s most brutal fighters clash in lone arena. The program debuts on STARZ in January 2010 and beyond.

“Crash” has started to become best remembered for proving that Oscar voters are homophobic bigots on par with gay bashing murderers, if the most vocal protesters of that year’s Oscar night can absolutely be believed. As “Brokeback Mountain” took all the pre-Oscar awards, “Crash” remained stealthy and slowly crept up. It received more and more mixed reviews from critics, but did have the main benefit of an all-star cast and several actual things to say about race relations. But today, those race relations themes are attacked as simplistic and overheated, no fax loans so your Oscar target on it’s back. Would those opinions be better or worse if merely the white characters had racist thoughts?

The next new show we will now discuss is Hank. This show may indeed spark my interest considering that the plot interests individuals. Hank (portrayed by Kelsey Grammer) can be a CEO on Wall Street who is prosperous until he loses his job. If this happens, he, his wife Tilly (Melinda McGraw), plus their children must move from your high life in New york city and relocate to the tiny town of River Extend. They have to learn how to reside in a smaller home and mingle with small town people. Later . also be an chance of the family to get closer than previously. This is a show I will consider watching. It has a strong similarity to the movie RV which starred Robin Williams a couple of years back. This show will premier on Wednesday September 23rd at 8:00 p.m.

Still Breathing ~ Brendan Fraser is often a man (boy is he ever!) who had been born right into a fairly strange family down in San antonio. They’re a very lovable bunch, but it looks like the men in the ol’ family tree have the know-how to ‘see’ the woman they will pay out the rest of their lives with. via dreams. It’s up to them to then track ‘er down and drag ‘er on home with them. heh. Bloody brilliant film by one-trick-pony James J. Robinson, also starring Lou Rawls, Joanna Going, and Celeste Holm.

Flash Forward gets its first shot to carry ABC’s mystery banner on Thursday, September 24, while V tries on Tuesday, November 3 to match it, or even simply to succeed where Flash Forward might fail.