Welcome to Joseph Fiennes Network! Your one stop source for all information and photos of Joe. You may recognize Joseph from a number of projects; Shakespeare In Love, Luther, Running with Scissors, The Escapist or maybe on tv in Flash Forward or recently on Camelot. On this site we proudly offer news & updates, information about Joe and his career; a growing image archive and icon archive. Please come back and visit us soon.
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June 28, 2012   •  Category: Gallery Update, Site UpdatesComments Off on JFN New Layouts!

Here are our lovely new layouts for the main site and gallery made by Bisous. I love them!


June 8, 2012   •  Category: Site UpdatesComments Off on New Owner

Alright well I’m not so much as a new owner, as I am a previous owner who now has the site back. I am so happy to have this site back too!

I have been re-doing the gallery & that is pretty much complete. Plus I am adding a ton of public appearance images from 2011-2007 for now and a ton from before that coming soon.

Also we have some new layouts for the main site & image archive coming from Bisous. So excited!

May 16, 2011   •  Category: Site Updates3 Comments

Hey everyone! My name is Michelle and I’m the new owner of Joseph Fiennes Network. For my first update I just added a new layout to the main site made by Eny and I hope you guys like it! Next I’ll be catching up on Camelot captures and adding a new layout to the gallery.

January 6, 2011   •  Category: Site Updates1 Comment

Hi there! I’m Kari and I’m the new owner of Joseph-Fiennes.net. Thanks so much to Ashley for letting me take it over!

I’ll be updating some more soon and hopefully there will be new layouts and whatnot, so keep checking back!

July 25, 2010   •  Category: Site Updates2 Comments

Not much news going on right now with Joe but will be adding some screen captures soon!

September 4, 2009   •  Category: Site Updates2 Comments

Hey everyone! Thought I’d do a new layout before Flash Forward premieres and I become extremely busy with updates!!! Let me know what you think!

June 20, 2009   •  Category: Site Updates2 Comments

Hello everyone! Thanks to Gertie I am now the new owner of Joseph Fiennes Web. I’m current checking out all the pages and content including icon archive, video archive and gallery. Once I’m sure everything is fine I will be adding news and content. Plus I will be creating a section dedicated to the new show “Flash Forward” which is coming in the fall! If you have any “Flash Forward” info please share it with us!

Please come back soon because we will be back in full swing shortly!

April 13, 2009   •  Category: Site Updates3 Comments

The reason why I started Joseph Fiennes Web was that I thought Joe deserved a complete high-quality website so that the world could see how special he is. I still believe that, but at this point in my life, I just don’t have the time or energy to run two sites (I also have a fan site for Sam Rockwell).

Therefore, my run as webmistress of JFW has come to an end. I’ve put the site up for adoption at fan-sites.org, so if you know how to run a fan site and are interested in keeping the site up and running, please do apply. I’d hate to see all this effort go to waste.

I hope you guys had as much fun as I did.

February 15, 2009   •  Category: Site Updates2 Comments


Thanks for always stopping by and for supporting the site. Running a fan site is not an easy task and I have you guys to thank for making it a hell of a lot easier!

February 12, 2009   •  Category: Site UpdatesComments Off on New Updater!

Hello Joseph fans! My name is Siobhan and I’m going to be helping Nathalia out around here with updates and news and such. I don’t have much to add right now, but I’ll be adding some pictures to the gallery shortly. I just wanted to stop by and introduce myself 😀

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